Appendix 2-4 Setting Output Areas for Images

Use SVF Web Designer to set image output areas in a form definition. For details of how to use SVF Web Designer, see SVF Web Designer Form Creation Guide.

The procedure for setting image output areas in form definitions using SVF Web Designer is as follows:


While selecting the print button in 1. Print Buttons and the form layout in 2. Form Layouts, click the Launch SVF Web Designer button next to 2. Form Layouts.

SVF Web Designer is launched in a new window. The form definition set to the print button opens.


Click the Create image button on of the toolbox and move the pointer to any position on Form Editor.
The pointer changes to .


Drag the mouse to make a rectangle using the guidelines as a reference in Form Editor.
The image is then placed.


In the Name field in Property Editor, enter the SVF field name that is mapped to the custom field that you added.


The name that you entered in the Name field in Property Editor and the name of the SVF field that you added must be the same.
You can view the SVF field name that is mapped to the added custom field in the References window. This window appears when you click the References button on the toolbar on the left of the screen.


For Image type in Property Editor, select Set file name at print time.


Test print from SVF Web Designer

If you specify Set file name at print time, images cannot be output by test print from SVF Web Designer.
To output images by test print, specify Set file name at design and select image files uploaded to SVF Web Designer from Filename.


Set the necessary fields in Property Editor for the image.
Once you have finished defining a form, save it and click the Log Out button to exit SVF Web Designer.